Prague Christmas Markets
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Public Christmas Trees: A Bittersweet Story

Public Christmas trees appear every December, but the first one was the work of a man with a tragic life, all thanks to a veritable Christmas miracle.

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Saint Martin's Goose
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Saint Martin’s Goose: Well and Truly Cooked

Unlike the days of All Saints on the 1st of November and All Souls on the 2nd, the 11th of November is a day dedicated to just one saint: Saint

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Cemetery at Dušičky
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Dušičky: Czech Halloween

While the western culture celebrates Halloween, the Czechs have a holiday of their own - Dušičky, "The Little Souls", a beautiful rememberance of the dead.

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Map of Czechoslovakia
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100 Years Ago: The Birth of Czechoslovakia

The 28th of October 1918 is the day the independent Republic of Czechoslovakia came into existence. Read how we got there and how it all happened.

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Hot Chocolate in autumn
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Autumn Drinks and Where to Find Them

Burčák, svařák, mošt - autumn wouldn't be complete without them. Learn what they are and where to find them, along with the eternal warm drink classics.

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Astronomical Clock: The History and Legend of the Clock of Clocks

The symbol of the city: The Astronomical Clock. Where does it come from? How did it change over the centuries? And what legends does it have?

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Prague Tram
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Prague Essential Tips: Getting Around Without Being Taken for a Ride

Find out the most important tips to get around Prague safely - whether that's by public transport, on a bicycle or using taxi or ride-sharing services.

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Prague Groschen exhibition at the Prague Castle
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Prague Essential Tips: Czech Currency and Related Woes

Learn the most essential tips that any visitor to Prague should be aware of when it comes to the local currency, converting cash and using cards and ATMs.

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Good King Wenceslas
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Good King Wenceslas

What does a 10th century Duke of Bohemia have in common with a Victorian Christmas carol? Turns out that quite a lot.

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What is the Flying Golem?

Discover the plans for the blog, learn more about its mascot, his origins and the meaning of flight.

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